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Sunday Food

It's Sunday again so that means my wife is once again back in the kitchen.  She prepared some breakfast for her for the week, made a few lunch/dinner meals, and baked an awesome bundt cake.  

Breakfast is sweet potato egg cups, think of small omelets mixed together then baked in the oven in a cupcake pan.  It is a mix of eggs, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, green onion, and cheese.  Good stuff!!

                                                                      Egg Cups

Next is stuffed portobello mushrooms caps.  Mixed up some spinach, tomato, garlic, feta cheese, topped with combination of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Pile it all into a mushroom cap and bake it for about 40 minutes.  Smells wonderful.

                                                         Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

At last we get to really good stuff, Lemon Bundt cake.  This was lovingly made from scratch of course and is just awesome.  The perfect blend of lemon zing and moist cake with a touch of lemon flavored glaze.  WOW!!!

                                                               Lemon Bundt Cake

Check back next week to see what types of delictable treats and meals she comes up with.