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Sunday in the kitchen

Another week, another sunday in the kitchen.  Since the 4th of July is this week no meal prep was need for lunches but that didn't stop Jane from spending the afternoon cooking.

For lunch she made some tasty turkey sandwiches.


Turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato on nice sandwich bread

The woman loves her quinoa, so next she spent some time making another quinoa salad.  This time it was quinoa, cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, and cilantro with a soy/almond butter dressing.  Topped off with a few nuts.

Once this was all down and cleaned up she turned her efforts toward dinner.  It is summer, it is the 4th, so that means some grilling over charcoal.  Kabobs were on order, chicken, oinion, mushroom, squash, and bell pepper.  Marinaded in a light lemon ginger marinade and then grilled to tastey perfection and served with a bed of brown rice.


Meat...on a stick...cooked over fire...doesn't get better.

After today I wonder what will be on the menu for the 4th?  Maybe a traditional American cookout, burgers and dogs on the grill washed down with a beer...or 2.