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Some Sunday Food

So Sundays at the house usually mean that my wife is busy cooking, not just meals for the day, but also doing some meal prep for week.  Today was no different.


Of course my sunday started out with my favorite...donuts

So as I sat back and watched some baseball and the U.S. Open she began to get her meals sorted out.  She loves to try some new things as well as things that will last the week for lunches at work.  

                                                A beautiful quinoa salad was first on her list

After that was complete prep for the second menu item started.  Chopping veggies and sweet potatoes, cooking some meat, and getting everything ready to finish off the dish.

                                              The final dish, an awesome chorizo hash

Once she was done all that work she even took the time to make me dinner.  While she had her hash, I had a perfectly grilled steak and some fries.  


And a cold beer to wash it down, tops off a great day.