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Ribs, Peppers and Stew

It's Sunday, that means great food from our kitchen.  The weekend started out Saturday night with some BBQ Riblets and roasted corn on the cob from the grill.  Not really meal prep for the week, but it sure was good.

Sunday brought meal prep for the week.  Mostly this was just making some dishes that could be either for dinner or lunch for a few days.

First up was Chicken Stuffed Poblanos.  This required a few steps since the chicken had to be cooked, cooled, and shredded first, then the peppers had to be roasted and seeded.  Once all that is done the pepper gets stuffed and baked, and then finished off with some nice melted cheese.  Served with some cilantro-lime rice.

Next was a Split Pea and Barley stew with ham and smoked sausage.  Cooked with some stock and let it simmer for a while to really bring out those flavors.  Wow, looks as good as it smells and tastes.

Split Pea Stew.jpg

Wonder what is on the menu for next week?