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Beer, and Food

This weeks food sunday started out on Saturday, with some beer.

Some Guiness, Shiner Blonde, Shiner Cream Ale, and a Porter

This Sunday's menu consisted of some Pork Taco Bowls for the weeks meal prep, a little snack of chips, dip, and refreshing cocktail, and some awesome short rib hash for dinner.

The Pork Bowls are pork cooked slowly then pulled apart.  It can be either made into a nice soft taco or put together as a bowl with corn, beans, rice, and some peppers and oinions.  Of course you can also do both taco and bowl.

Jane took a break from the cooking long enough to have a little snack or quacamole and chips washed down by a nice refreshing coctail.

For diner we had a great short rib hash.  Slow cook some beef short ribs, then mix them in with chopped potatoes, possibly some onions and peppers to taste and top it all off with a fried egg.