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Welcome to Strick Photography based in Katy, TX, my name is Brian.

I am a portrait, commercial, and landscape photographer.  Ever since I was little, I loved looking at photos and would spend hours flipping through our family photo albums. Growing up it was not uncommon to see me walking around with a camera clicking away.  I took my first photography class in high school and have held onto that passion ever since.

My goal is to provide images that capture that special moment , show your product, and capture the beauty of the things around us.  Also as a competitor in sports and being married to a serious bicycle racer I have a passion for capturing the power, strength, speed and beauty of sport.  Documenting the hard work, training, and sacrifice to achieve a goal is something that I love to shoot. 

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You can check out my photo blog to see images of my travels around Katy and the world.  Even get a look at "behind the scene" images from sessions.  I will also be putting together some projects for the year so check back often and subscribe to them to see the progress.  Below is also a form to contact me with any questions or comments.  

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