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Turning into a clown

With the release of "It" i had the idea to do a Pennywise portrait.  I am not really fan of horror movies and don't even know if I could take watching It but I really love Pennywise.  My wife is a Stephen King fan but didn't want to be the actual subject, she thought it would give her the creeps everytime she looked in the mirror.  I ended up doing a self portrait.

The lighting was simple and basic, getting the facial expression was the hard part for me.  afrter a few shots I had a good base image though. 


Maybe a little scary on it's own, depending who you ask, but a good base image.  After adding a bunch of layers to apply the "makeup" and other parts applied.

2017-09-17 (1).png

Added some color layers for the white paint, multiply layers for the red paint and a bunch of adjustment layers to get the eyes, and other parts to look right.  Add a some liquify to get the mouth to a creepy shape and the image really starts to come together.

It turned out really good, pretty close to what I had in mind.  A few things could be improved upon but this was my first attempt at a project like this.  So for a first try I am really happy, my wife still thinks it is creepy though.

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