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Texas Cyclocross at Mason Park

The first day of the 2015 Texas State Cyclocross Championship was saturday at Mason Park in Houston.  The weather was perfect for bike racing and the racers put on a great show.  Cyclocross is a cross of road and mountain biking.  They ride on various surfaces, have to negotiate obstacles, and of course deal with terrain changes.  It is a fun sport to watch and a tough sport to compete in but the riders made it look easier than it is.

The park sits along Brays Bayou and features some open spaces as well as wooded areas for the race course.

Texas State CX-15.jpg

Where the rubber meets the.....dirt.  Better have a good grip.

There are a lot of twists and turns as the course snakes through the trees.

There is some serious speed

And of course there is a lot of effort, very hard effort by all the riders.

And for some it was just another ride in the park 

It was some great racing, the park and the course were awesome ad the weather was perfect.  When it comes to bike racing I am usually at the track helping and cheering on my wife or taking pictures of her and other track racers so this was fun to watch.  It definitely is a different kind of racing and is a challenge.

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