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Stricker Family Barn

One thing you still see when driving around Carroll County, MD is the small family farm, complete with barn.  Visiting my family's farm is no different.  I grew up an a small family farm that my Grandparents lived on from the early 1900's.  We had some livestock and various crops over the years, but today it is mostly used to grow hay.  My uncle still maintains and works the farm and continues to put the old barn to good use.

While it may need a little work here and there, it is still strong and sound after 100 years of use.

Growing up here sure was fun, but at times, we all had to pitch in and do a little work... which usually meant bailing hay.

Here is the inside with an empty wagon just waiting for hay.
Hook up to the empty and then back the loaded one into the barn.

The bottom doesn't get used much these days, but at one time there were stalls for cows and other livestock.

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