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Last few days

The trip is winding down, here are the last few days.  We left Queenstown and flew back to Auckland to spend a day or so before we catch a flight back home.  It has been an epic adventure and we saw so much and it was all beautiful.  Between 2 rental cars we drove almost 1500 km's.  Just so much to see and it felt like so little time to see it.  The only thing I was hoping to see that the weather didn't cooperate for was the night sky over the mountains.........maybe next time.

Leaving the hotel in Quuenstown as well as the epic mountain views

Arrived in Auckland just in time to see the sunset over the city

Took a trip out to the west coast to see the awesome beaches 

In the afternoon we took an awesome ride on an America's Cup sailboat. 

We are doing a little walking around today then to the airport for a long flight home.

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