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Back on Track

Recovering from a month of "less than ideal" food choices means its time to get cooking.  This week, we tried some new dishes to make eating right easy.


First up were some grab and go breakfast sandwiches.  Nothing beats a hot breakfast on winter mornings, but we can only eat so much oatmeal.  In this recipe, you make all the component parts, assemble the sandwiches, and then wrap them and toss into the freezer.  In the morning, you grab a frozen sandwich on the way out the door.  Just 60 seconds in the microwave is all you need for a healthy, home-made "mcmuffin".


Next up was lunch, and its also great to have a bit of heat in your lunch on those chilly winter days.  This vegetarian kung-pao quinoa bowl does the trick with just enough "heat" to warm your day.  The quinoa and chickpeas provide loads of protein.  You can spice it up as much as you want with extra chili paste.  


Trying to cut out all sweets after the holidays is an impossible goal, so finding dessert options that fill that sweet craving, but aren't full of sugar is key.  This apple-peanut butter oatmeal crumble is just the the trick.  Add a little frozen yogurt for a healthy desert or a little Greek yogurt in the morning for another great breakfast option.  Either way, this one will hit that sweet spot that just won't go away after all the holiday splurge.

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