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Afternoon at The Houston Zoo

My wife and I took advantage of a beautiful Houston December afternoon to visit the Houston Zoo.  This was our first visit to the Houston Zoo.  It was just a quick visit, and although some of the animals didn't want to strut their stuff for the cameras, we still managed to get a few good shots.  

On our first pass by, this guy was lazily sleeping in the sun, but when we came by later, he was rested and ready for his photo shoot.

Some of the other cool cats we saw were the Clouded Leopard and the Jaguar.

The gorillas were thoughtful today...or maybe just lazy. 

The mommas were keeping the babies out of trouble throughout the zoo.

This Mandrill momma was definitely showing the love for her new baby.

All in all, it was a great first visit to the Zoo.  Looking forward to going back and seeing some more amazing animals.


To see more great shots from the day at the zoo, click here.

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